The Italian ensemble I Virtuosi di Roma’s long tradition of performing classics of the Italian Baroque pioneered in many ways the contemporary revival of early music. When its founder, Renato Fazzano, passed away the group disbanded, but a regrouping of sorts took place in the early 80s with eight members of the original group. The new ensemble, which calls itself I Solisti Italiani, has continued the Fazzano legacy, emphasizing line and grace in presenting particularly the works of Vivaldi. A robust approach to Vivaldi figures predominantly on the group’s current tour, which touches down in Chicago this weekend–and will include the Concerto in A Minor, the Concerto in D Major no. 11 , and the Concerto in C Major. That in itself would be enough, but there’s the additional attraction of phenomenal recorder virtuoso Michala Petri–featured in the Sammartini Concerto for Descant Recorder and Stringsand the German staples of Mozart and Mendelssohn. Sunday, 3 PM, Orchestra Hall, 220 S. Michigan; 435-6666 or 435-8122.