Nick Giles is not an amazing performer. The 18-year-old boy, 25-year-old woman, and 42-year-old man he plays in his 30-minute solo piece, produced by Hometown Theatre Project, all look and sound vaguely alike. He’s not an amazing storyteller either. Though all three tales touch on grand themes–love, death, life-changing tragedies–he doesn’t delve deeply enough to make them compelling. Giles does have a likable presence onstage, however. And halfhearted attempts at differentiating his characters’ body language suggest that one day his performances will improve. Anyway, the show is so short it’s over before tedium has a chance to set in. –Jack Helbig a Through 12/2: Thu-Sat 7 PM, Sun 5 PM, no show Thu-Sun 11/23-11/26, Sip Coffee House, 1223 W. Grand, 847-922-3827, $5.