Bucking a long tradition of solemn films about cinema–from Dziga Vertov’s logical and analytical Man With a Movie Camera to Orson Welles’s speculative and poetic F for Fake–Jeff Vilencia’s short Images is irreverently humorous, its over-the-top postmodernism suggesting that all categories of filmmaking are equivalent and there are no rules. “You could call this cubism, or maybe Swiss cheese,” Vilencia’s voice portentously intones while we see a large backdrop with circular holes. Shifting from moving geometric shapes to footage from films made as early as 1896 to a sequence animating Muybridge’s protocinematic photographs, Vilencia puts the medium to a wide variety of uses. In one brief scene he licks a woman’s bare sole while explaining on the sound track, “I have a fetish for the human foot….I love the taste and the smell.” By filming this scene in accelerated motion, Vilencia delivers more “foot per second” than would be possible in real time, poignantly placing the medium’s malleable nature at the service of his obsession. Also on the program are short films by Dan and Paul Dinello, Craig Smith, Guy Benoit, and Aaron Sutherland. Chicago Underground Film Festival, Congress Hotel, 520 S. Michigan, Friday, July 21, 5:00, 866-8660.