Back when I was doing college radio it wasn’t uncommon for DJs to play a 45 rpm record at 33–most of us believed Motorhead sounded better that way–or an LP track at 45. The song “Killer 45,” from the Immortal Lee County Killers’ forthcoming Estrus debut, The Essential Fucked Up Blues, sounds like the latter, and the only way I know for sure that it’s supposed to be that way is that I got it on CD. Recorded on an eight-track, purportedly in a dilapidated Alabama shack, the record is a joyful, swinging mess of fuzz, feedback, and guttural yawp–grain alcohol to Jon Spencer’s fancy vodka. The Killers, named in homage to Jerry Lee Lewis, are just two guys–guitarist, singer, and harpist Chet “the Cheetah” Weise, formerly of the Quadrajets, and drummer-and-a-half Doug “the Boss” Sherrard–but the racket they make is as full as it is raw. Sherrard beats the crap out of a pared-down trap kit, while Weise plays out of multiple amplifiers so deftly you hardly notice there’s no bass player. Weise–a professed anarchist with a master’s in economics–grew up outside Memphis, where he became obsessed with John Lee Hooker, and Sherrard, a sometime Kentuckian, has decorated his floor tom with Dale Earnhardt’s number 3; songs like the dirgy “Go to Hell on Judgment Day” and “Won’t Cook Fish” are equal parts Delta blues, three-chord punk, and NASCAR roar. The duo also does a twisted nine-minute cover of Muddy Waters’s “Rolling Stone.” The Drapes and the Deans open. Thursday, December 28, 10 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.