Discovering you aren’t the person you were raised to think you are must be disconcerting, especially when you’re in your mid-30s. But writer-performer Michael Fosberg forged from his own shock and bewilderment a story of personal growth that transcends his individual experience to address all cultures and ages. Premiered at Bailiwick Repertory in 2001 and revived a year later by Apple Tree Theatre, this one-man play has now been revised for Apple Tree’s educational-outreach program: the one-hour version of Incognito has been edited for young audiences (grades 4-12) and is being performed by Chicago actor Gregory Hardigan instead of Fosberg (though Michael E. Myers still directs). Shows are restricted to school groups–except for one public performance this Saturday. If you haven’t yet experienced Fosberg’s amazing journey of revelation and affirmation, come prepared to be surprised and enlightened. Apple Tree Theatre, 595 Elm Pl., Highland Park, 847-432-4335. Saturday, February 22, 1 PM. $8.