“The world’s first completely liberated film market,” also a festival for the public, continues Friday through Sunday, August 8 through 10, at Water Tower. Unless otherwise noted, tickets are $10; for more information call 773-665-7600.


Short works, program one

Documentaries by Caroline Laskow and Naghmeh Shirkhan, plus Brough Johnson’s two-minute comedy Jiffy Mallet. 97 min. (Noon)

Short works, program two

Work by Karine Baczynski, Gloria McCord, Sam Goldberg, and Jimbeau Andrews. (2:00)


A ladies’ man meets his match when a beautiful woman moves in next door; John Putch directed this 90-minute romantic comedy. Also on the program: shorts by Joe Anaya and Ely Mennin. (4:00)


Barry Levy directed this fact-based drama (2002, 93 min.) about a Canadian man who served as a CIA sniper in Vietnam. Also on the program: J.P. Fanshawe’s 19-minute drama Daylight. (6:00)

After Midnight

Michael Amato wrote and directed this mystery (2002, 117 min.) about a man who loses his memory and is rescued by a widow, herself the object of a stalker. Also on the program: Salvatore DiSalvetore’s ten-minute drama Circus. (8:00)

Never Trust a Serial Killer

An uptight yuppie is surprised by a visit from his old college pal, who’s obsessed by a serial killer and seems to know entirely too much about him. Juan C. Garza directed this 84-minute video (2002). Also on the program: Jay Duplass’s eight-minute comedy This Is John. (10:00)


El Matador

Bronx stand-up comedian Joey Medina wrote, produced, and directed this comedy (2002, 75 min.) about a Mexican-American pizza deliveryman who wants to become a bullfighter. Also on the program: Jude Talmor’s 20-minute comedy Hallucinations in Croissant Sauce. (Noon)

Never Trust a Serial Killer

See listing for Friday, August 8. Also on the program: shorts by David Schmidt and Mike Nirenberg. (2:00)

The Hunt

Video makers Sean T. Daily and Christopher R. Plotner examine the University of Chicago’s annual four-day scavenger hunt, when students take a break from their high-pressure pursuit of obscure ideas to enjoy the high-pressure pursuit of obscure objects. Founded in 1987, the contest asks teams to make road trips as long as a thousand miles, construct elaborate craft projects, and take part in goofy public displays (during a climactic foot race, teams of runners are connected by dental floss strung through their body piercings). With the success of TV shows like Jackass and Fear Factor, a documentary like this may be an idea whose time has come, though its paper-dry voice-over is more suggestive of an 8 AM physics class. 108 min. (JJ) Also on the program: Xhou Xiaohu’s five-minute comedy The Gooey Gentleman (2002). (4:00)

Our House

Sevan Matossian directed this 2002 documentary (83 min.) about three mentally disabled people living in the same house. Also on the program: shorts by Benjamin Brammeier and Lorin B. Coleman. (6:00)


See listing for Friday, August 8. Also on the program: Daniel Pico’s 28-minute drama Two Days in Limbo. (8:00)


See listing for Friday, August 8. Also on the program: Peter Mervis’s 21-minute drama The Curse and the Smoking Jacket. (10:00)


A Legal Person

Steven Wise, a legal scholar who has defended the rights of chimpanzees and bonobos, is the focus of this documentary (2002, 100 min.) by Donna Thomas and Paul Garstki. Also on the program: Jay Duplass’s eight-minute comedy This Is John. (Noon)

Short works, program three

Documentaries by Kaitlin Parker, Joshua Tickell, and Shannon O’Rourke, plus Peter Evan Smith’s comedy The Cigarette. 88 min. (2:00)

After Midnight

See listing for Friday, August 8. Also on the program: Laura Horak’s eight-minute comedy Main Station (2002). (4:00)

El Matador

See listing for Friday, August 8. Also on the program: Dale Spencer’s 23-minute comedy Contract Killers. (6:00)

The 3 Marias

In this 2002 revenge drama set in Brazil’s northeastern frontier, a brooding widow dispatches her three daughters (all named Maria) to hire three assassins to kill the men responsible for murdering her husband and sons. Striving for the elemental power of a Sergio Leone western, director Aluizio Abranches lards his schematic story with mystical portents (the number three is everywhere, and biblical allusions abound) and props it up with some dazzling visuals, but the stylistic bombast undercuts the storytelling and the vengeful matriarch’s feminist posturing borders on the ludicrous. In Portuguese with subtitles. 90 min. (TS) (9:00)