Bobby Leonhard’s new play about the Iraq war draws in part on his experiences there as a National Guardsman: the script’s harsh veracity is unquestionable. But his trio of soldiers riding a Humvee through hostile territory are frustratingly underdeveloped. As they fall apart–or tear one another apart–we wonder whether they’ve been made psychotic by the war. Or are psychos drawn to the army? Leonhard never resolves this question. Infidel also relies too heavily on expositional monologues, particularly those by a whistle-blowing psychiatrist. This Outside the Lines Theater Company production fares better when the three soldiers interact, and the video footage Leonhard shot while overseas establishes a sense of the heat, confusion, and tedium that the military there endures. Through 11/13: Thu-Sat 8:30 PM, Sun 7 PM. Raven Theatre, 6157 N. Clark, 773-262-4537. $12-$15.