INSIDE MY MOUTH, Neo-Futurists. In this show’s monologues and dialogues, written and performed by Genevra Gallo, Sharon Greene, Noelle Krimm, and Siri Sonty, each woman is thinking about adulthood–romantic partnership, divorce, the possibility of children–through the lens of how she was raised. They want to be the princesses of childhood fairy tales and the domestic goddesses of myth and still be free to forge their own lives.

Not much here will be unfamiliar to anyone who’s taken a women’s studies class. But the show is often clever and resonant, using puppets, clips from Disney movies, south Indian dance, and fresh humor. These women too “want it all,” but they don’t just mean a career and children–they want to be as sweet, perfect, and neat as Snow White and fierce, strong, and independent. They may not succeed, but perhaps it’s enough to try.