InterFest 2000

Chicago theater is as racially and culturally varied as the city itself, yet to actor-director Stephan Turner–and many others–it often seems that off-Loop theater is still fragmented in terms of the work companies present and the audiences they target. “We live together, we work together, and then when we get ready to do theater we all go into our separate microcosms,” says Turner, artistic director of the Lakeview-based Stage Actors Ensemble of Chicago. That’s what prompted the SAEC to present what Turner hopes will be the first annual edition of a theater festival specifically devoted to issues of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. The event, which runs April 2 through 29, features work by local as well as out-of-town artists, including solo performers Ryan Anglin and Miriam Lewis, playwright-director Steven W. Long, and the Excaliber Shakespeare Company of Chicago. All shows take place at the Performance Loft (the Stage Actors Ensemble’s home base), located in the Second Unitarian Church of Chicago, 656 W. Barry. Prices range from $5 to $8; call 773-529-8337 for reservations and information.

Festival listings run on a week-by-week basis; following is the schedule for April 2 through 6.


Global Village

Tom Small directs his own adaptation of folktales from Japanese, Polynesian, Tibetan, Kenyan, Native American, and Maori cultures. 4 PM; $8.


Global Village

See listing for Sunday, April 2. 7 PM; $8.


The Stage Actors Ensemble of Chicago presents playwright-director Steven W. Long’s docudrama, which is based on the oral and written accounts of Christian police officers who find their faith often in conflict with the raw realities they face. 8 PM; $8.