Jean-Claude van Itallie’s one-act Interview has the potential to reverberate intelligently with audiences, as diverse characters seek help or a means of connecting in a contemporary world of isolation. But Kathryn Korosi’s production fails to provoke much reaction: she offers only two or three interesting staging choices amid sporadic moments of comedy or insight. Still, Interview outshines the other half of MidTangent Productions’ double bill. Tony Lewis’s Fascination, about a couple who meet cute and wax philosophical on an overnight train in Europe, is an unoriginal piece with little fresh to say about celebrity worship and fearing love. The acting is overdone, and Lewis’s inept staging denies the performers any chance of making an honest connection. Through 4/5: Tue-Wed 7 PM, Oracle Productions, 3809 N. Broadway, 773-472-1773, $12-$15.