This has been a big year for Family Tree. Until recently All Natural was the only act in the local hip-hop crew to have released an album, but now their All Natural Inc. label has issued two full-length debuts, by Iomos Marad and Daily Plannet. Marad is one of the crew’s newest members, but he sounds like an old soul on Deep Rooted, waxing poetic about Chicago, hip-hop fundamentals, and life’s inherent moral complexity–on “Anotha Late Night,” which features backup cooing by nu-soul singer Tanya Reed and extended improvisations by jazz flutist Nicole Mitchell, he speculates somberly about the lives people lead behind closed doors. Marad got his start performing in the subway, where he’d rap while banging out beats on a drum kit. He only does a few numbers like this live, where he’s supported by All Natural DJ Tone B. Nimble, but his interest in real instrumentation is also evident on “Straight Out Chicago,” which incorprates not just horn charts but a full-on tenor sax solo. Although Team Daily is the first release by Daily Plannet, the twins Kevynn Bunkley (aka Kevynn Global, aka Allstar) and Keath Bunkley (aka Keath Universal, aka Spotlite) have been making music for nearly a decade–in fact Kevynn notoriously lost to Eminem in a freestyle battle in Cincinnati in 1997. With production help from Dug Infinite and various Molemen, they make quintessential blue-collar Chicago hip-hop–nothing too flashy, but they get the job done. All Natural headline, previewing material from their third album, coming this spring. Tuesday, December 30, 10 PM, HotHouse, 31 E. Balbo; 312-362-9707.