Bunnies and commies and Care Bears, oh my! The Neo-Futurists’ annual homage to awful cinema, It Came From the Neo-Futurarium, is hitting the one-decade mark—and, yet again, the bottom of the barrel—this summer. Presenting slapdash but full-out performances of ostentatiously bad movie scripts, the series kicks off June 16 with Night of the Lepus, the 1972 movie version of which had Janet Leigh facing something infinitely more horrifying than Anthony Perkins: giant mutant rabbits. That’s followed on June 23 by Tiptoes, which got made in 2003 with Matthew McConaughey as an average-sized guy whose pregnant girlfriend finds out his brother, Rolfe (Gary Oldman on his knees), and everybody else in his family are dwarves.

Here’s the rest of the schedule, which includes five scripts that have had previous It Came From the Neo-Futurarium outings: Sci-fi bomb The Black Hole detonates on June 30. Diabetes-inducing The Care Bears Movie returns to the series (it was previously staged in 2003) on July 7, in a performance that includes artists from the House Theatre of Chicago. Devil Girl from Mars (previous staging 2002) reaches earth on July 14. Gene Simmons’s band combats an evil genius in the July 21 offering, KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (previous staging 2006). Bible-disco opera The Apple (previous staging 2010) falls from grace again on July 28. Arson-fetish-meets-homosexuality drama The Flaming Urge goes up August 4. And small-town-teens-versus-evil-communists fantasia Red Dawn (previous staging 2004) invades on August 11. The August 18 grand finale is the Prince extravaganza, Purple Rain.