Will Haughery Credit: Courtesy of Garbage World

School of the Art Institute graduate Eileen Lillian Doyle (aka Gertie Garbage) started Garbage World in 2009, enlisting friends to help her create a performance festival characterized by “more allowances than limitations,” based on personal responsibility and trust. Six cycles in, with versions both here and in Philadelphia, the project has remained consistent—no rules or themes, just fun with freedom.

Gertie Garbage opens this fest, themed “Homecoming,” with a food-fetish and burlesque mash-up incorporating the following: pastries, body stockings, gelatin from beef bones. In The Oblivioustrician and the Midtrife, Ana Norell and Krissy Abdullah take the stage in body masks that highlight their erogenous and reproductive zones, which they smear with food. For Peaking, Heather Marie combines music and video for a “lamentation” on love.

The whole time they’re onstage, the sort-of-stand-up duo Mothergirl—Katy Albert and Sophia Hamilton—”will be hair covered creatures from the crotch up and pants-less from the crotch down.” Garbage World vets Antibody Corporation tell stories about the Greek goddess of night in The Nyx Project. A collaborative project between Hanna M. Owens, Chris Little, and Elena Feijoo, HairClub braids a knotty narrative on hair obsessions. Then Will Haughery works onion juice, candles, and a karaoke version of “Take My Breath Away” into Dark Daze: A Ritual of Abandon. Finally, Conclusionary Practices’ costume and dance performance But Ourselves explores monotheism.