In the 80s Jason Kahn played drums in the Universal Congress Of, an outfit that fused the democratic chatter of harmolodic jazz with bruising punk. Since moving to Europe in 1990 he’s worked with minimalist composer Arnold Dreyblatt and electronically oriented improvisers like Toshimaru Nakamura and Gunter Muller. Like the latter two, he’s simplified his playing to explore the complexity of isolated sounds. On Music for Cymbal, a Taku Sugimoto composition he recorded last year for his own Cut label, Kahn uses the titular instrument and mallets to create a world of rich overtones and resonances; on Till We Meet Again (For 4 Ears), a new duet with Tetuzi Akyama, Kahn’s wavering synth and bell tones flicker through stark, discordant slide guitar as subtly as sunlight through trees on a darkening day. Kahn hasn’t played here since 2001; as if to make up for it, he’s playing three shows this week. Tonight he plays a solo set; local composer and video artist Olivia Block, whose Change Ringing just came out on Cut, will open the show by performing two pieces with Liz Payne that mix field recordings with musical instruments. See also Monday and Wednesday. Sun 10/23, 7 PM, Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, second floor, 773-281-0824, $10. All ages.