Poster making in Poland has long been connected more to the fine arts than to commercial advertising, as this exhibit of 20 Polish jazz posters at the DePaul University Art Gallery demonstrates. Some combine the weightiness and precise line often found in Polish painting, but the most intriguing add chaos to express the open-ended unpredictability of jazz. Roslaw Szaybo’s Miles Davis (1989) shows a multicolored stream rising like smoke from the trumpeter’s mouth–and a smaller stream rising from his eyebrow, suggesting that his music was spiritual too. In Waldemar Swierzy’s Charlie Parker (1985) the face is smeared as if to hint at his energy, and his nickname is represented by birds descending from his mouth. Jazz Jamboree ’98, by an artist who hasn’t yet been identified, shows a man’s head and shoulders with a panoply of instruments, including drums and keyboards, shooting out in all directions from his eyes, which are the dark openings of trombone bells–here jazz is literally mind-blowing. DePaul University Art Gallery, John T. Richardson Library, 2350 N. Kenmore, through September 12. Hours are 11 to 5 Monday through Friday and noon to 5 Saturday and Sunday; 773-325-7506.