On Wednesday, August 31, the Jazz Institute of Chicago holds its 22nd annual club tour from 6 PM to midnight. Promotional buttons (which include admission and transportation) can be purchased at the clubs for $20 in advance or $25 the night of the event. Buses arrive outside each club every 15 minutes and travel four routes: North (Green Mill, Old Town School, Green Dolphin Street, Pops for Champagne), Central (Andy’s, Joe’s Be-Bop Cafe, Backroom, Jazz Showcase), South Loop (Cotton Club, Velvet Lounge, HotHouse, Buddy Guy’s Legends), and South (Linda’s Lounge, Lee’s Unleaded Blues, Bernice Twilight Zone). Riders may transfer between routes at Green Dolphin Street, Andy’s, Buddy Guy’s Legends, and Linda’s Lounge. Special express buses will shuttle directly between Andy’s and the Green Mill and between Andy’s and Bernice Twilight Zone. For more information see www.jazzinstituteofchicago.org or call 312-427-3400.



11 E. HubbaRd, 312-642-6805

6 PM Pat Mallinger & Sabertooth, Henry Johnson Organ Express


1007 N. RUSH, 312-751-2433

6 PM Detour

Bernice Twilight Zone

2914 E. 79tH, 773-483-0480

6 PM Ken Chaney Quintet, Musa Collins & Larry Frazier

Buddy Guy’s Legends

754 S. WABASH, 773-493-3477

6 PM Lurrie Bell

Cotton Club & All That Jazz

1710 S. MICHIGAN, 312-341-9787

6 PM Ray Silkman

Green Dolphin Street

2200 N. ASHLAND, 773-395-0066

9 PM Bill Porter Orchestra

Green Mill

4802 N. Broadway, 773-878-5552

6 PM Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan, Frank Catalano Quartet


31 E. BALBO, 312-362-9707

6 PM Paul Wertico, Corey Wilkes

Jazz Showcase

59 W. GRAND, 312-670-2473

6 PM Ira Sullivan & Willie Pickens

Joe’s Bebop Cafe & Jazz Emporium

600 E. grand, 312-595-5299

PM John Kattke

Lee’s Unleaded Blues

7401 S. chicago, 773-493-3477

6 PM Lenny Lynn, Mel Davis, Skinny Williams, Ron Salter, and Roger Weaver

Linda’s Lounge

1044 W. 51st, 708-612-4657

6 PM L-Roy Perryman & the Bulletproof Band

Old Town School

4544 N. LINCOLN, 773-728-6000 or 866-468-3401

:30 PM Angel Melendez & the 911 Mambo Orchestra

Pops for Champagne

2934 E. sheffield, 773-472-1000

PM Jeannie Tanner, Tim Green, Dan Cray Trio

Velvet Lounge

2128 1/2 S. Indiana, 312-791-9050

9:30 PM Vincent Davis & Percussion Plus