Jeff Carter’s graceful Scaffold/Landscape is intended to evoke Indonesian rice fields. But the six particle-board terraces–edged in green carpet and supported by lengths of bamboo–are saved from being either campy or didactic by their size and placement. Rising from floor to ceiling in the corner of a room just off the main gallery at Vedanta, the piece appears to be both a theatrical set and a set of bleachers, making us both actors and audience members. Vedanta has designated this space as an “extended studio” for its artists, an alternative to the typical one-person shows of the main gallery, and in this case the main gallery exhibit enhances Carter’s work. After viewing the large, often candy-colored panoramic views of people in urban spaces or cavernous quirky interiors, we take our places in Scaffold/Landscape as consumers, cultural anthropologists, and artist’s subjects with a heightened sense of trepidation. Vedanta Gallery, 835 W. Washington, through October 18. Hours are 10 to 6 Tuesday through Friday and 11 to 5 Saturday; 312-342-0708.