Round-eyed and spindly-limbed, the black-and-white freehand figures that populate Jeffrey Brown’s autobiographical comics ooze childlike wonder even when they’re having sex, smoking pot, or analyzing their problems with sex and pot. In his first book, Clumsy (2002), Brown charted the hopeful excitement and depressing decay of his long-distance relationship with a girl named Theresa. His new one, Unlikely (informally subtitled “Or How I Lost My Virginity”), follows a similar trajectory: he meets a girl, they fall in love, they’re magically happy, and then it all falls to shit. Brown, who makes himself out to be shy and kind of a mope, fearlessly depicts his own confusion and fear in the face of his girlfriend’s sexual savvy and enthusiasm for the bud, and somehow he conveys the urgency of new intimacy through even the scratchiest of sketches. He’ll discuss Unlikely and sign copies of the book on Saturday, July 26, at 4 PM at Quimby’s, 1854 W. North; 773-342-0910.