The title of Joan of Arc’s recent odds-and-sods collection, The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc (Polyvinyl), is more than just a creationism joke–it’s a fitting statement on a stylistically erratic career that’s covered everything from post-emo rock to abstract electronics to elliptical singer-songwriter territory. But the group’s newest, Eventually, All at Once (Record Label), is its most relaxed and accessible effort to date. Tim Kinsella’s yelp of a voice keeps getting prettier (even if his melodies are still convoluted) and the contrapuntal lines of guitars and vibes form a thick-yet-airy lattice that reveals new subtleties with each listen. Kinsella’s lineups are constantly changing, so it’s hard to predict what this gig–which includes his cousin Nate and brother Mike, Sam Zurick, Bobby Burg, Ben Vida, and Paul Koob–will sound like, but by now it’s clear that’s half the charm.