It’s anyone’s guess what exploring “the domestic traumas of tradition in regression” might mean, though I imagine some kind of cannibalistic Thanksgiving. But the press-release anthropology-speak might be appropriate for “John DiCosmo and the Faces of Dinner,” centered on both the quirky mixed-media drawings and collages of New Jersey-based artist DiCosmo and on his meat-free re-creations of them in edible form, which viewers are invited to share. Also, DiCosmo and show organizer J. Patrick Walsh III will perform “psychic ballads” (with occasional guest artist Jory Replay) at the opening Friday and at selected times Saturday and Sunday. Old Gold is a lovely new apartment gallery–the wood-paneled basement of Kathryn Scanlan and Caleb Lyons, complete with built-in bar and ancient graffiti–that deserves a visit anyway. Like ArtLedge, the tiny space with which Scanlan and Lyons were previously associated, the unmodified Old Gold bears no resemblance to the usual gallery white cube. Maybe I just have a soft spot for art designed to go in a bathroom or closet or on a dresser, but this interactive show–which recalls the food-related performances of Meret Oppenheim, Joseph Beuys, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Karen Finley–fits right in with the rec-room ambience. a Opens Fri 6/15, 6 PM-9 PM. Sat-Sun 6/16-6/17, noon-5 PM, Old Gold, 2022 N. Humboldt, basement, 773-653-9956.