The former Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz graduated from William & Mary in 1984 with a degree in psychology and got his first gig as a stand-up about three years later–reportedly he bombed. But by the mid-90s he’d landed a recurring role on The Larry Sanders Show and his own short-lived Jon Stewart Show, first on MTV and then in syndication. Since replacing Craig Kilborn on The Daily Show in 1999, he’s practically cornered the market on political humor. Despite his often serious dialogue with guests (which contrasts sharply with Stephen Colbert’s relentless absurdism), Stewart takes full advantage of the license satire affords him, stressing that his journalism is “fake news” and that any show with a lead-in of foulmouthed puppets (Crank Yankers) should not be taken seriously. Fans of his show will not be disappointed by his stand-up act, which he still does 15-20 times a year. He occasionally weighs in on marriage and parenthood (he has two young children), but politics and the president remain his favorite subjects: “A war on terror? That’s an emotion. We have to be at war until no one’s scared anymore? How long will that take?” And “If God is on our side . . . why didn’t he bury our fuel in New Hampshire?” a Sat 5/19, 7 PM, Rosemont Theatre, 5400 N. River Rd., Rosemont, 312-559-1212, $40-$75.