When Judy Roberts sings “I Got It Bad,” she starts in the middle of the tune–at the bridge–and so by the time she hits the more familiar main melody, it’s in a different context, and it sounds slightly out of place and altogether fresh. At her best, Roberts offers up subtle touches like that in addition to her broader keyboard strokes; at less than her best, you’ll have to settle for a lively, witty pianist having a ball on material ranging from obscure jazz classics to realigned standards. With the simpatico backing of bassist Jim Cox and drummer Mark Wolfley, Roberts sounds awfully good: she still has an unteachable sense of what works on a synthesizer, and her singing has lost most of the “hip” angles that used to get in the way. Some credit is due the environment, too: when you provide a great piano for an excellent pianist, you shouldn’t be surprised when the music’s this good. Tuesdays through Sundays, George’s, 230 W. Kinzie; 644-2290.