The quiet, meditative work of Julia Fish, one of Chicago’s best artists, became hard to see here after both Chicago galleries that exhibited her moved to New York in the late 90s. Now Rhona Hoffman Gallery is presenting her first Chicago show in four years, the centerpiece of which is the series of ten abstract gouaches “[ Drawings for ] Living Rooms.” Each follows the shape of a different room in her home, with protrusions that mark doorways. South is a near square with three such extensions, while SouthWest–Two is irregularly shaped with two extensions. The horizontal orange bands of all ten resemble floorboards, but they’re too wide; Fish sees them as “the measure of the brush that fills the space.” Each drawing charts dozens of possible small journeys for the viewer, all requiring intense focus, for while the eye moves along a single band, adjacent ones always seem to beckon. The hues vary from pale, almost transparent orange to darker blobs, and in some areas the paint seems to thicken magically on its own, creating tiny but powerful contrasts. The true subject of these works is the viewer’s changing response as she takes in the shift between airy lightness and almost thumping solidity. Rhona Hoffman, 118 N. Peoria, through August 2. Hours are 10 to 5:30 Monday through Friday; 312-455-1990.