The final revelation in Stephen Cone’s play–which traps a retired NYPD officer with an unwelcome interloper in a remote beachfront house–is unsettling and graphic. It’s also disappointing, since the last ten minutes get pulled out of the ether in Cone’s purposely elliptical Sam Shepard-style script. But Mark A. Steel as the ex-cop and Tyler A. Monroe as the young man make their simultaneous attraction and repulsion mesmerizing. And though director David Zak indulges in one of his trademark tics–actors hang from the rafters–his staging is otherwise wonderful, especially an ingenious scene in which the characters imagine the walls disappearing (aided by a transparent scrim). Perhaps Zak understands the characters’ motivations better than Cone wants us to; great tech work, spot-on stage combat, and attention to tone go a long way toward redeeming this uneven script. Through 4/10: Sat-Sun 6 PM, Mon 8 PM. Bailiwick Repertory, Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 W. Belmont, 773-883-1090. $20.