In this one-woman show, writer-performer Kara Buller creates a handful of eccentric characters who reveal their true selves inadvertently. A desperate 1950s housewife uses chirpy party tips to cloak her viciousness, a mullet-wearing lesbian camouflages her rage with a stand-up routine, and a seemingly gentle New Ager can’t let any of her grievances go. Though none of these characters is new, Buller makes each one real–and really funny. But glacially paced blackouts slow the show, and you have to sit through Tony Sam’s long, torturous warm-up act, a work in progress called Have You Seen My Marbles? that fails to make the character of a bumbling scientist funny. Through 8/25: Fri 8 PM, Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 773-343-9613, $5-$10.