Unrelenting intimacy is what makes the 40-minute male-female duet Dyad work. Versed in the Brazilian form of capoeira, Khecari choreographer-performer Jonathan Meyer gives this piece not only martial-arts moves but the intensity of one-on-one combat. As in physics, there is no action here without an equal, usually opposite reaction. When one steps forward, the other steps back; when one tries to deliver a blow, the other parries it. Whatever he does, she does too–the dancers don’t adopt the usual male/female, active/passive roles of romantic pas de deux. In a way this isn’t anything new, and sometimes the moves can look like regular old modern dance. But Meyer understands the importance of even casual movements of the head and hands to human interaction and uses them to build emotion. Nathaniel Braddock and Jason McDermott’s score for guitar and cello is likewise feeling but unsentimental. By the end, you realize you’ve watched a relationship being created out of conflict and the occasional equivocal gesture of affection. a Fri-Sun 10/27-10/29, 8 PM, Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, 773-281-0824, $12-$15.