Why does it sound like Dwayne Sodahberk is making techno for Saab commercials? Oh, because sometimes he is. If you like your analog wizardry sans footage of winding mountain roads and dashboards, there’s Partying Without Inhibition or Dignity (Tigerbeat6), an EP bubbling with low-end growls, bright plings, and the beat of windshield wipers that can’t keep up with a downpour, bathed throughout in that strange gray before-the-storm brightness. All this impeccable timing and structural mastery would be close to insufferable if it weren’t for the sticky white-noise interference he slides in and expertly yanks back out. In principle I wish Sodahberk would get freakier more often; in practice maybe I don’t. In “Har Lite Brattom” he tries to break his own rules by scrambling samples and glitching out, and it comes off as cheesy IDM, but when he sets up the title track with a thick, wobbly synth line, then slams down a simple, dirty beat, it’s brainless but fantastic. The headliner is Kid606, whose hyper, irreverent cutups and gabber freak-outs are stunningly relentless, and no more typical of Tigerbeat6–which he runs–than anything else on it. After releases by such disparate acts as disco minimalists Numbers, boy rap genius Cex, faux gay German industrial group Zeigenbock Kopf, and crassly warped carnival-techno artist Kevin Blechdom and with a record in the works for wall-of-noise spazcore band Total Shutdown, the label has less of an overarching identity than any other that comes to mind. The only thing its artists seem to have in common is that they don’t give a whut about what music’s supposed to sound like in order to sell records, and it’s that you-don’t-even-know-me attitude that makes them all so appealing. Thursday, August 21, 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.