If the Fleischer Brothers had created a bookish, boho older sister for Betty Boop, she would have looked a lot like Jenny Magnus–black-haired, dark-eyed, fair-skinned, with a thin, rubbery, Chaplinesque body and arching inked-in eyebrows capable of communicating every emotion from skepticism to surprise to delight. In performance Magnus moves with a cartoonlike grace, her arms sweeping out to mimic the expanding circles on a pool of water, or pulled into her chest as she giggles hysterically and tries to ward off some invisible tickler. Best known for her work with the jazz/rock/cabaret band Maestro Subgum and the Whole and with the Curious Theatre Branch, Magnus finds room for moments of gestural grace even in her most verbal pieces, such as the tongue-in-cheek “I’m Right (Extrapolate),” in which Magnus proves logically that she’s always right no matter what, and “Like Stephan,” about a friend’s obsessive-compulsive need to put everything in perspective–even his need to put everything in perspective. With supporting players Anita Stenger and Mark Comiskey. N.A.M.E. Gallery, September 13 and 14, (700 N. Carpenter, 226-0671). Friday and Saturday, 8 PM. $6.