Kink, Sirens, at the Cornservatory. The all-female troupe Sirens really goes for it in this hour of long-form improvisation, adopting completely different characters in each new scene. For example, a performer who portrays a young, hyperenthusiastic person in one segment might be a dazed and confused older man in the next. The ensemble realizes these changes through facial expression, physical bearing, and voice, ably impersonating the people who inhabit their story.

The performers are obviously talented, and they brought good energy to the opening-night show. But too many times they weren’t quite connecting, failing to give one another enough information to propel the scene forward or refusing to let go of their ideas even if they didn’t work with what had already been established.

The performance I saw supposedly took off from the audience suggestion “I wish I’d gone to Memphis.” But while we were sporadically treated to snappy lines, brash comedy, and bold concepts as the performers referred back to earlier scenes, as far as I could tell the evening had nothing to do with the original thought. Unfortunately this ended up a random night that never really found an overarching theme or thread.