The crew at Load Records spend so much time making noise under a dark cloud that they don’t seem to realize some of them actually belong in the sun. Take Christopher Forgues, aka Kites. A bunch of the tracks on his very annoyingly titled Royal Paint With the Metallic Gardener From the United States of America Helped Into an Open Field by Women and Children are blasts of home-electronic tweeting over what may be a vacuum cleaner gobbling up the corner of a rug; the rest are lo-fi folkie songs that sound like my dad’s late-60s cassette tapes after we salvaged them from a flood. But alternating the two modes doesn’t create a calm-versus-storm effect because there’s no storm–the abrasive parts aren’t abrasive enough. He should leave the harsh stuff to the nihilists and stick to what he’s good at: grimy innocence. Royal Paint comes by its distorted sound organically–it was recorded straight to boom box and Walkman–and it works best without a mess of squealy electronica getting in the way. Forgues’s guitar-and-tambourine campfire tracks sound shitty, but it’s a good kind of shitty, reminiscent of the days before digital technology, or soap. With labelmates Hair Police and Prurient, and the local power-electronics band Bloodyminded. Saturday, April 3, 8 PM, Texas Ballroom, 3012 S. Archer, third floor; 773-677-1353.