This film by the three-member San Francisco-based collective Silt is a surprisingly moving document of their shifting responses to their environment and each other. The Super-8 imagery, mostly of landscapes, is extensively rephotographed, slowed down, and superimposed on itself in a way that seems to evoke an ongoing struggle to see the world. We learn from the sound track that one of the group’s members takes a trip to India, sending back film taken with a camera that is starting to malfunction. The track includes texts spoken by each member of the collective, literate and affecting statements in which they describe their attempts to know anything outside themselves–“This can never be India,” “I’m confused and startled by all that I see here–unable to make meaning.” What got to me about the film was the way it acknowledges, in its near-abstract images as well as in the spoken texts, the failure of these attempts coupled with a determination to go on, to “make meaning” the best one can. A number of interesting shorter films by the group, which they themselves consider experiments, will also be shown. Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont, Saturday, May 29, 8:00, 281-8788.