Ladytron has a pretty high ick factor: the members are jet-setting technophiles who generally wear either all white or all black, speak several languages, and have skin as perfect as their short black hair. But the music makes up for the image: they temper their Sprockets-y electropop with baroque goth organ and ambient noise, and their moodiness hovers like a single wisp of cloud on a sunny day. And the foreign tongues come in handy when they strike up a dull ditty–anything sounds hot when it’s sung in French by some throaty babe. A few songs on their debut full-length, 604 (Emperor Norton), were so good I listened to them too many times in a row; now I never want to hear them again. That hasn’t happened to me with their latest, Light & Magic (also on Emperor Norton), because this album’s like the eighth hour of a road trip–let yourself sink into the lush environmental rhythm and suddenly the landscape’s full of startling, beautiful mirages. So what if all the band’s new songs cruise without getting anywhere? What really matters on any dance track is the sense of motion, and Light & Magic’s got plenty of bump. They get props for keeping the tunes right around three minutes–just long enough to fall into the groove, just short enough to keep the repetition from getting tedious–but thumbs-down for their petty thefts: “True Mathematics” sounds an awful lot like the electro anthem “Warm Leatherette,” and “Flicking Your Switch” is just a hipster update of Londonbeat’s “I’ve Been Thinking About You.” Friday, February 28, 10 PM, Metro, 3730 N. Clark; 773-549-0203.