In 1997, when the Anglo-American quartet Laika released Sounds of the Satellites (Sire), the question arose: What does a band do after it makes its perfect album? Sounds wove together echoes of electric Miles Davis–baleful trumpet and flute, stop-start funk rhythms, spacey Rhodes piano fills–with driving drum ‘n’ bass; melodies and synth tones reminiscent of vintage Kraftwerk; and Margaret Fiedler’s smooth, spooky voice, delivering dark lyrics about entrapment in desire and abuse. On this year’s follow-up, Good Looking Blues (Beggars Banquet), Laika doesn’t even try to chart the same orbit. Instead it focuses on the groove: guest turntablist Danny Doyle’s scratching, John Frenett’s (Jah) Wobbly bass, and Lou Ciccotelli’s crisp drumming mesh into sleek, streamlined rhythms, and even Fiedler’s vocals reinforce the pulse–on Blues she raps as much as she sings. The group’s immersion in propulsion only deepens live: For Laika’s records, Fiedler and Guy Fixsen, who share programming, keyboard, and guitar duties, work out a song’s basics on a computer at home; Frenett and Ciccotelli are virtually sidemen, overdubbing their parts in the studio. Onstage, though, the rhythm section’s an equal partner, and invests the music with a crushing weight. Tuesday, 9 PM, Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee; 773-489-3160.