Suit by H&M Credit: Photo by Colleen Durkin; Styling by Agga B. Raya; Props and set by Doug Johnston and Colleen Durkin

Anthony Nguyen
33, Lakeview

Seeking: women

Occupation: Lawyerly things

His friend says: “The perfect mix of left and right brain.” (She even made the infographic at the bottom of the page to prove it!)

What do you do when you’re not working?

Playing ice hockey, playing music, making art, photographing, and going to lots o’ concerts.


No, thank you.


I have none, but animals seem to like me, and I like them.

Dietary restrictions?

None, but I respect yours.


None, but would want them.


Catholic, but open to all faiths or the lack thereof.

What’s your idea of the perfect Chicago date?

Great conversation about our experiences that made us who we are, sharing art interests (especially music), and really getting to know someone on a genuine level. Or playing ticket games at Dave & Busters and trying to win a huge plush toy. Either one is good.

If you were on Jeopardy!, what anecdote would you share with Alex? Also, would you win?

I don’t drink very much, but I like to test my coordination when inebriated. Celebrating my graduation from law school, my brother and I drank copious amounts of vodka and then went to play hockey. It was the first time I ever played hockey drunk. I scored three goals but left before the game ended—the alcohol no longer wanted anything to do with me or hockey skills. It was a delightful time.

What’s your preferred method for surviving a Chicago winter?

Taking a good, deep breath of the cold, crisp air, and letting it into your veins and soul. You don’t so much survive it as you absorb its power. Then everything is all right.

If HBO made a miniseries about your life, who would you cast for the lead role?

I’ve been told that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my doppelganger, but Crispin Glover matches my awkwardness.

What television family does yours most parallel?

Home Improvement—three boys, a dad who loved his hobbies more than his kids, growing up in the metro-Detroit area. Hilarity ensues. But not really. We were boring nerds.

Go-to karaoke song?

“Stop! In the Name of Love” by the Supremes. Pretty much any Motown.

What do you find boring?

American football. I will never understand the obsession. Ever.

Who would you kill if you could be guaranteed you’d never be caught?

If you print my answer, how could I be guaranteed I’d never get caught? Aren’t you just escorting the authorities straight to my door?

What was your first e-mail address/AIM name?

Iloveyouriris. I love eyes. They’re pretty.

Please describe your understanding of cell-phone etiquette.

Ringer on—you’re alone. Vibrate—most of the time. Silent—on dates, movies, meals, and with close friends. Loudspeaker in public—never. Ever. Do not answer—anytime you’re with people who have generously given you their time and attention, you jerk. Oh, and in confined public spaces, i.e., bus, train, especially if you’ll basically be screaming into someone’s ear.

What’s your zombie apocalypse contingency plan?

Get bitten as quickly as possible and become a zombie. I mean, I have an ambitious plan to save my friends, family, and all women and children in Chicago, but let’s be real: unless you steal a big enough boat off Lake Michigan full of delicious snacks to last 28 days, you’re a zombie.

What 2015 ephemera do you think you’ll be nostalgic about in 2035?

My Fiat 500—it’s cute and hilarious to drive, like a fun joke I’m playing on myself.

What contemporary trend or habit do you detest?

I don’t even know where to start . . . let’s just say originality doesn’t always (nor does it have to) manifest itself in what you look like, what you have, or what you share with the world. And that’s an excellent thing.

Boots by Dr. MartensCredit: Photo by Colleen Durkin; Styling by Agga B. Raya; Props and set by Doug Johnston and Colleen Durkin

Say you’re going to be interred like an Egyptian pharaoh. Who or what is in your burial chamber with you?

A plush pink bunny. Let people ponder that one.

It’s time to decide who gets to board the generation ship that’s evacuating earth for a planet we haven’t yet fucked up beyond repair. Who goes and who stays?

Bill fucking Murray and Aubrey Plaza go. The rest of us deserve to perish.

Where would you set the minimum wage?

At a living wage, which some people believe to be $13 an hour.

If you could only eat one type of sandwich for the rest of your life what would you pick?

Harold’s fried chicken wing dinner with hot sauce all over it between two slices of white bread (if only to meet the requirement of it being a sammich) and fries. Yum.

What is your favorite curse word?

Fuck. It’s so flexible, has a great sound, and it’s fun to say, even therapeutic. “Ffffuhhhhhhk.” See? Feel better?

Where were you this past Fourth of July at 7:18 PM?

FitzGerald’s in Berwyn for the American Music Fest featuring artists from Chicago’s very own and excellent Bloodshot Records. (Full disclosure: I used to work for Bloodshot.)

How long do you stay angry, and do you get loud or quiet?

Not too long—it takes a lot to get me angry. If I am angry, I’m quiet since I don’t think anger or shouting helps most situations.

Do you like to talk about a movie right after you’ve seen it?

More so I like to offer my critique in the form of interpretive dance rather than talk, but you know . . . whatever.

What’s the biggest sacrifice you ever made for someone you care about?

Probably too big and personal to write here. I give a lot of myself to people.

If you didn’t have to be yourself, who would you be?

Banksy or Anonymous. Generating a global discussion about social issues and effectuating (hopefully positive) change without anyone knowing my identity

At what stage in your life were you the best (or worst) version of yourself?

I have a really great balance between my creative spirit and practical life to-dos, so I’m quite content at the moment.

Are you afraid of or excited to face the unknown?

Not afraid. Bring it.

Who is your intellectual idol?

My favorite philosophers are Aristotle and Immanuel Kant—a mixture of living a life of balance and of means between extremes, and having moral maxims to live by. And Mr. Rogers.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Keep your legs moving. Become comfortable with and accept what you cannot control, perceive every experience as a learning experience, and basically no matter what life throws at you, just keep moving and never give up.

What’s your CTA pet peeve?

When people don’t take a break from looking at their phones or book on the train or otherwise try their best not to acknowledge other people. I’m a people watcher and acknowledger—I may not strike up conversation with people, but smiles and a “good morning” can really lighten things up for everyone involved.

Do you have any hidden skills and/or talents?

Let’s just say I’m good with my hands.

Anything else you feel like including to help people get to know you?

I believe in compassion, respect, and responsibility to not just yourself and your loved ones, but equally (if not more) importantly, to strangers. I also believe in not taking yourself too seriously. So be kind, loving, and generous—just don’t be a jerk about it.