Lance Friedman’s nine sculptures at Habatat inject an organic messiness into the world of collectible glass, which at its worst consists of sterile baubles designed to adorn upscale interiors. In Reentry a glass bullet seems to have cut a path through a bed of artificial grass, adding a disquieting note of danger. Seven glass bricks imitate blocks of ice in Shrine for the Cold Hearted, each containing an irregular bright red heart; the differences between the hearts suggest the variety of humankind. In the more elaborate Hi-Bye-Epiglotti, two sleek red boxes hold gaping chunks of white glass, and two speakers emit the words hi and bye. Friedman explains in a wall label that the red boxes are “voice boxes” and the pieces of white glass mimic the shapes a larynx takes when uttering the two words. Part of the work’s beauty comes from the contrast between the irregular, organic larynges and the mirror-smooth boxes, part from the contrast between the simple, uninflected words and the light-filled glass. Habatat, 222 W. Superior, through April 24. Hours are 11 to 5 Tuesday through Saturday; 312-440-0288.