In the program for Late Nite Catechism: Saints, Sisters and Ejaculations, Maripat Donovan notes that it was her high school drama teacher, a Catholic nun, who predicted, “Maripat Donovan will be either a hooligan or an actress!” Donovan grew up to be an actress, and a damn good one. In Late Nite Catechism, the one-woman comedy she wrote with Vicki Quade, Donovan plays a nun much like her high school drama teacher: dressed like a penguin and full of opinions, which she charmingly shares with her audience. Donovan’s character uses a mix of old-style catechism and modern education to teach her audience the histories of some saints and of the Catholic Church in America after World War II and before Vatican II. Recently shifting into a prime-time slot after a long late-night run, Quade and Donovan’s reflection on some of the finer points of an age-old religion is intelligent, heartwarming, and genuinely funny. At the Organic Theater Company Greenhouse Lab Theater, 3319 N. Clark, 327-5588. Through October 3: Thursdays-Fridays, 8 PM; Saturdays, 7 and 9 PM; Sundays, 7 PM. $10.