The pseudonymous Jane Martin’s breezy political satire is less biting than it is silly, but an energetic ensemble makes it a lot of fun. The perky Dody Dotson is a “radical liberal Pentecostal prelesbian librarian” who’s figured out that Laura Bush is signaling “help me” in Morse code during her television appearances. Dody and Desiree, a prostitute, then rescue Laura and learn of a nefarious plot that involves Saddam Hussein’s body double, Hillary Clinton, the Bush administration, and Wal-Mart. Brooke Behle and Charissa Wheeler as the rescuers and a blowsy Kristy Lockhart as the First Lady play up the script’s eroticism, so it’s believable when Laura and Dody hook up; Lockhart is particularly fine as a woman who’s been repressed for too long. Xavier Winters, playing Colin Powell among other roles, isn’t up to the same level, but his portrayal of Bill Clinton’s ghost gets laughs. Through 10/30: Thu and Sat, 8 PM. Frankie J’s MethaDome Theater, 4437 N. Broadway (second floor), 312-731-1804. $7-$10.