A wise man does some matchmaking in 70s Antwerp when he suggests to a student without a work ethic that she apply to be a nanny in a Hasidic household. The mother (Isabella Rossellini) isn’t sure she wants a woman in blue jeans influencing her five children, but she’s desperate for the help; Chaja (Laura Fraser), a nonreligious Jew, isn’t sure she wants to be exposed to so much tradition or so much housework, but she’s drawn to one of the kids, a five-year-old who hasn’t started talking yet. Full of lilting metaphor and brave comedy, this insightful drama is beautifully orchestrated by director Jeroen Krabbe, who also plays the Hasidic patriarch. Written by Edwin de Vries based on a novel by Carl Friedman; with Maximilian Schell, Marianne Sägebrecht, and Chaim Topol. 100 min. Wilmette.

–Lisa Alspector