Bailiwick Repertory and the Lesbian Theatre Initiative have teamed up to present the first edition of what they hope will be an annual multidisciplinary lesbian-centered fest showcasing drama, stage combat, poetry, comedy, and music by artists from around the country as well as Chicago. The event runs through May 4 at the Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 W. Belmont. Individual ticket prices are shown below; a festival pass costs $50. In addition to the shows, the festival sponsors workshops on performance techniques taught by Cin Salach and Bev Spangler Saturdays at noon; admission to these is $10 or “pay what you can” at the door. Also, an art exhibit in the Bailiwick lobby will display work by Jennifer Brown, Lorell Butler, Amy Cassata, Ava Jonson, and Heather Schmaedeke. For reservations and information call 773-883-1090 or visit


Words . . . Loud Mouthy Dykes Speak Out!

This program of solo performances features Lisa Hemminger, J.T. Newman, JenFish Superstar, Keturah Rogers, and Jane Haldiman. 7:30 PM; $10-$12.


Hysterical Women

This stand-up comedy trio consists of Chris Covell, Jessica Halem, and Marlene Moore. 9 PM; $15-$18.

Dyke Mic

This open-mike program features monologuists, poets, comics, musicians, and more. For more information, contact 10:30 PM; $3, $2 for performers.


Hysterical Women

See listing for Friday, May 3. 9 PM; $15-$18.