Allosexual Used within the asexual community to mean someone who is not asexual

AMAB or AFAB “Assigned male at birth” and “assigned female at birth.” Some people prefer DMAB/DFAB, i.e., “designated (male/female) at birth,” or CMAB/CFAB, where the C stands for “coercively.”

Aromantic Feeling little or no romantic attraction to anyone

Asexual Someone who has low sexual desire for sex or for a partner

Bear A person within male gay culture who projects an image of rugged masculinity

Binder Cloth strips, elastic, or spandex undergarments used to flatten the breasts

Biphobia Negative attitudes toward bisexual people

Boi Can refer to a variety of identities: a butch lesbian, a submissive in the BDSM community, a young trans man

Bottom The receptive partner, often seen as the submissive partner

Bottom surgery Typically refers to three types of surgeries: vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, or metoidioplasty

CisHet Someone who identifies with their assigned gender at birth and is also heterosexual

Constellation The interweaving and structure of a polyamorous relationship

Cub A younger version of a bear

D&D Drug and disease free

Datemate A gender-neutral term for a person you are dating

Enby A nonbinary person

Folx Alternate spelling of folks used to address a group of people in a nonbinary way

Front hole, back hole Alternate language for vagina/anus

Futch Used to describe a queer person who presents as both femme/feminine and butch

Gaff A device that hides the bulge of a penis

Gender dysphoria Distress that occurs when a person’s assigned birth gender is not the same as the gender with which they identify

Gender nonconforming (GNC) Not being defined by society’s conventional definitions of gender

Gender transition The process by which people strive to more closely align their internal knowledge of their gender with their outward appearance

Genderfuck Bending or fucking with gender roles

Grandy Gender-neutral term for grandma or grandpa

Intersex Individuals who are born with several variations of sex chromosomes, sex hormones, or genitals

Maddy A term for trans women who have children

Muffing Penetration of the inguinal canal; also a way to tuck, for trans women

Mx. Gender-neutral abbreviation for Mr., Ms., etc

Nibling Gender-neutral term for niece/nephew

Nonbinary Not exclusively masculine or feminine—outside the gender binary

Otter A gay man whose body type is thin or of athletic build

Pangender Identifying as more than one gender

Pansexual Someone who is attracted to all genders

PGPs Preferred gender pronouns

SOFFA Significant others, friends, family, and allies of trans people

Sprog Gender-neutral term for son or daughter

Stem A lesbian who falls somewhere between butch and femme

TERF An acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminists, i.e., those who are transphobic and do not consider trans women as women

Top The dominant, or pleasure giver

Top surgery Typically, breast augmentation or the construction of a masculine chest

Tucking The act or process of hiding the testicles or penis (see gaff)

Twink A young, small gay man

Two-spirit A term to describe a traditional third-gender ceremonial role among Indigenous North American people

Wolf Like bears, but more aggressive and masculine

Zaza Gender-neutral term for mom or dad

Ze/Hir, pronounced /zee/ and /here/ Gender-neutral terms to replace he and she and his and hers  v