Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal make dances as bare and abrasive as dry sand. Their Circles of Lust, the evening-length work that opens the “Festival of Israeli Dance,” claws at the viewer’s gut with its picture of the grinding predictability of urban life. The movement itself is as fast and furious and as stressful and wrenching as anything you see on television, but it articulates a vision of sex and sexuality far more complex and disturbing than MTV’s male adolescent fantasies. Every duet, every trio, and every ensemble section moves inexorably toward the same conclusion of brutal male-female confrontation. The Israelis of Circles of Lust are not the happy, sundrenched kibbutzniks of fantasy, but, tough, tired, persevering individuals whose experience we recognize. Thursday-Saturday at 8 at the Northeastern Illinois University auditorium, 5500 N. Saint Louis; $8-$14. Call 271-7928 for tickets.