For Len Jenkin’s triptych of quasi-hallucinatory monologues, New Leaf Theatre slums down a formal wood-paneled room with cheap colored lights, tawdry velvet curtains, and a toy town atop a table. The sideshow atmosphere is apt for Jenkin’s shadowy characters: an anthropologist driving late at night under the gaze of Mayan gods, a traveling salesman despairing in a fleabag hotel, and a talentless emcee apologizing for not booking better acts. But director David Chapman imposes such measured pacing and mannered acting on the script that most of its mysteries dry up. Rather than a potent swoon, this show offers disconnected moments of opaque strangeness. Through 11/12: Thu-Sat 7:30 PM. Lincoln Park Cultural Center, 2045 N. Lincoln Park West, 773-274-9026. $12-$15.