Victor David Giron was a student at the U. of I. at Urbana-Champaign in the 90s when he cooked up the name Curbside Splendor for a hypothetical garage band. Now Giron operates a rising indie imprint under that name, and as its president and publisher he’s preserved the press’s musical roots (however tenuous), releasing books this year by Chicago band dudes Tim Kinsella and Brian Costello, and organizing a much-anticipated oral history due out next fall about the first 20-plus years of the Empty Bottle, where this reading/concert goes down.

With the sixth Words + Music—another of Giron’s concepts wherein his interests in rock and lit merge—CS spotlights the latest titles from its fall/winter catalog, including debut novels by James Tadd Adcox (Does Not Love) and Western Illinois University professor Erika T. Wurth (Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend). Cassandra Troyan, curator of the Artificial Ear performance series, reads from her new book Kill Manual, and Susan Lanier offers an excerpt from her debut story collection, The Game We Play.

Also billed are Curbside Splendor friend Joe Meno, whose latest book is 2012’s Office Girl, and Los Angeles author Jim Ruland, touring in support of the novel Forest of Fortune, a tale of desperation at an Indian casino. And taking care of the latter portion of Words + Music are locals the Peekaboos and Scotland Yard Gospel Choir singer Elia Einhorn‘s new side project, Fashion Brigade, which also celebrates the release on Curbside Splendor of a cassingle, the book publisher’s first foray into putting out music.