“Latin-flavored” !Salsation! recaps highlights of its seven-year career in this late-night sketch-comedy offering. The evening is definitely a mixed bag, but when the ensemble hits its stride, it can be a sly hoot. The show is structured around a comedy-writing sweatshop run by a Willy Wonka-like impresario who’s hired Latinos because “the Oompa Loompas were not cost-effective.” There are a few hilarious sight gags in the shorter pieces and some touching moments in scenes between 15-year-old twins as the female half prepares for her blowout quinceanera. It’s encouraging to see a sketch group with more women than men onstage, and the diminutive Beatriz Jamaica is a standout. But director Ramon Charriez needs to tighten up some of the longer scenes, and on a hot night the postshow improv set was not an “added bonus.” Through 7/2: Fri-Sat 10:30 PM. $10-$12.