This six-member troupe performs character-driven sketches often rich in observation. They embrace physical comedy, develop varied personas, and explore awkward situations with abandon. A silent scene of passion going painfully awry and a smart but not-so-scary murder mystery are particularly entertaining. But this late-night show isn’t entirely successful. Director Piero Procaccini should have cut the more familiar material, like the street-bum rant, and reined in other labored efforts. In particular the sketches with a magic theme grow tiresome, especially since they typically require the viewer to swivel and strain to see the action. Nevertheless the performers deserve credit for interacting directly with the audience while immersed in some pretty silly characterizations. Through 10/15: Sat 10:30 PM. Lakeshore Theater, 3175 N. Broadway, 773-472-3492. $15-$20.