This 1965 feature by Swedish director Bo Widerberg (Elvira Madigan) explores the psychodynamics of a renowned filmmaker’s personal relationships. Deep in a creative funk, Keve retreats to his home in a seaside village, accompanied by his circle of bohemian friends, and stumbles into an extramarital affair, only to realize that it doesn’t solve his artistic or emotional crises. This might have become a glib, Felliniesque portrayal of a shallow artist surrounded by a circus of grotesques, but Widerberg’s true reference points are Renoir’s The Rules of the Game and Antonioni’s L’Avventura: the characters are emotional cripples desperately trying to connect in an idyllic setting, the imaginatively choreographed camera probing their fragile psyches. Now and then the Richard Avedon poses and Romantic music get a bit cloying, but the contrast between the surface spontaneity and the profound sense of ennui is undeniably resonant. Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, Friday, October 1, 7:45, 312-443-3737. –Ted Shen