It’s 1999 and 37-year-old Katie’s spending a day in the Irish countryside with her mother, Triona, and grandmother Cat. Only not really. Cat’s dead and Triona’s impossible, so Katie’s communing with their younger selves–who turn out to be no less difficult for being phantasms. Caught in 1964 at 30, Triona’s a withholding priss, while the 1932 Cat is a boy-crazy 20-year-old with carefully defended delusions. They gather around Clough-a-Regan–a stone shaped like an epic hard-on–to talk men, babies, alienation, and womanly fortitude. Hugh Leonard’s play is a challenge, demanding performances that span multiple psychic time zones. Charles Gerace’s Irish Repertory production can’t manage it. The biggest problem is Erin Myers’s Triona: lacking edge, she makes the whole show blurry. Through 7/2: Wed-Fri 8:30 PM, Sat 5:30 PM, Sun 3:30 PM, Victory Gardens Theater, first-floor studio, 2257 N. Lincoln, 773-871-3000, $34-$38.