Cunningly crafted, sharply idiosyncratic, and deeply compassionate, the ten compact shorts in this 1996 French anthology range in tone from comically surreal to grimly sorrowful. Paul Vecchiali’s poignant, erotic The Tears of AIDS makes imaginative use of its sound track to recount a chance encounter between a bisexual hunk and an HIV-positive man who’s heard but never shown. Pierre Salvadori uses a similar strategy in A Moment, depicting a one-night stand through a first-person camera. Anne Fontaine’s Night Hustler turns a furtive pickup in a car into a confession of loneliness that suggests Robert Bresson. And in Jean-Claude Guiguet’s giddy An Ordinary Night a man sings a bouncy tune while biking to the hospital to spend the night with his AIDS-stricken lover. Three other shorts round out the program: Phillipa Newling’s affecting and inventive Australian film The Reunion, an erotic reverie in which a man dreams of his dead lover returning to embrace and console him; Stephen Jones’s Australian film Cherish (1998), a slick remembrance of a late boyfriend that pales in comparison to similar entries; and David Ottenhouse’s French film Close To (1997). Village, Thursday, November 18, 9:30. –Ted Shen