These Canadian indie rockers are the latest to follow the Stephen Malkmus method for putting a college degree to good use musically. On their debut, Hind Hind Legs (Equator), they make pop tradition sound like a perversion; between the full-band harmonies, the multilayered melodies, and the one dude who won’t stop going “la la la,” the record climbs to the shiniest of extremes. But the core of this light and fluffy music is actually dense and gratifying. And even if the clever lyrics are ever so absurd and ironic, they’re never too obviously trying to sound cool. The band might be too straightforward to catch a ride on the post-Arcade Fire wave out of Montreal–and it may be too late anyway–but that’s no reason to count them out. Probably Vampires and Fast Falls the Even Tide open. a 10 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508, $8, 18+.