In one of Andy Warhol’s finest films, a 1965 drama of narcissism and its opposite, Edie Sedgwick “plays” movie actress Lupe Velez–sleeping, eating a meal, having her hair cut, and lolling around in a fancy apartment with Warhol’s trademark mix of stylish camp and languorous anomie. A color scheme that seems to echo Sedgwick’s skin and hair yields to a moving depiction of Velez’s death–she was found with her head in her toilet bowl. A couple caveats: poor sound quality makes the dialogue mostly incomprehensible, though it doesn’t matter much, and the print that will screen is badly scratched. Also showing are Jose Rodriguez-Soltero’s Jerovi (1965), a strikingly edited male-masturbation film complete with mirror and rose, and Rodriguez-Soltero’s own Lupe (1966). 130 min. Rodriguez-Soltero will attend the screening. Fri 2/10, 8 PM, Univ. of Chicago Film Studies Center, 5811 S. Ellis, room 307, 773-702-8596.